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Thursday, August 9, 2012

What this blog is/does and is/does not*

This blog is/does:

  1. Dedicated to discussion and information about the Arizona Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS).
  2. Believe that a defined benefit pension can work, if managed in a financial realistic manner.
  3. Concerned that short-term thinking about maximizing returns of those closest to retirement will eventually cause permanent damage to PSPRS.
  4. Concerned about the long-term viability of PSPRS and the fair treatment of both members and taxpayers.
  5. Concerned that future members (those hired after 12/31/2011) will be left a weakened and substandard retirement system. 
  6. Welcome any individuals who have expertise in pension accounting, actuarial science, or pension law or policy.
This blog is/does not:

  1. Anti-public safety personnel.
  2. Anti-union.
  3. Advocate a switch to a defined contribution system.
  4. Point fingers at any individual, as any individual should do what is best financially for him or herself.
  5. A forum for general political discussion.
*This list is open to additions and deletions, as necessary.

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