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Friday, October 31, 2014

2014 Consolidated Actuarial Valuation Reports for PSPRS, CORP, and EORP

PSPRS has officially posted the Fiscal Year 2014 Consolidated Actuarial Valuation Reports for the three pension systems managed by PSPRS.  The reports are in a more user-friendly PDF format than the Board of Trustees' Meeting notes that were referenced in an earlier post.  The report for each system can be found at the following links:
Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS) 2014 Annual Actuarial Valuation Report
Corrections Officer Retirement Plan (CORP) 2014 Annual Actuarial Valuation Report
Elected Officials' Retirement Plan (EORP) 2014 Annual Actuarial Valuation Report
Actuarial reports for individual PSPRS employers are not yet available, but funded ratios and employer contribution rates for fiscal year 2016, which starts July 1, 2015, can be found in the appendices.  Funded ratios can be found on Appendix III starting on PDF page 79.  Contribution rates can be found in Appendix IV starting on PDF page 85.


  1. The links don't work for me. I believe you left the "www" off the begining of the address.

    1. I cut and pasted the web addresses from PSPRS' website. Also, I double-checked the links from my computer and they worked fine, so I am not sure why you could not get the links to work. The documents can be accessed from PSPRS' homepage (www.psprs.com).


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