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Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Khan Academy

If you do not have the Khan Academy as one of your favorites in you browser, you will do yourself a real service by checking it out and adding it.  Founded by a Salman Khan, a former hedge fund analyst, the Khan Academy is a non-profit online school dedicated to providing free education to anyone in the world.  Mr. Khan and his team provide thousands of teaching videos and exercises to test knowledge.  They have also developed tools that allow both teachers and students to learn smarter and get immediate feedback in order to track their progress through their coursework.  The Khan Academy is accessible to all ages, levels of education, and areas of interest.

I mention the Khan Academy now because there are now available videos about American civics that cover topics such as taxes, Medicare, debts and deficits, etc.  Included under the American civics tab are two videos about government pensions that many readers may find interesting.  Hopefully, they will continue to add more and get into more advanced topics of pension accounting and actuarial science.

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